America’s Explosive Growth

Here’s a chart that sums up how the US is exceptional.

Screen Shot 2012-06-20 at 2.12.41 PM


Why did this occur?  America’s explosive growth was due to one reason.  The way Americans made economic decisions.

Why aren’t we doing this well today?  We’ve changed the way we make economic decisions.

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Discussion — 10 Responses

  • Mike Lotus June 16, 2014 on 4:16 pm

    Eagerly awaiting …

  • Wesley June 16, 2014 on 4:29 pm

    The Revenue Act of 1913 perhaps?

    • John Robb Wesley June 17, 2014 on 10:48 am

      On the right track. The growth of big government and big finance changed our decision making.

  • jeff sterling June 16, 2014 on 8:24 pm

    Westward expansion (aka) => annihilating indigenous people and plundering mother earth.

    • John Robb jeff sterling June 17, 2014 on 10:46 am

      That’s been going on for 40,000 years. Nobody is blameless and EVERYONE has ancestors that participated in it. Plundering mother earth? You are using a computer. You are plundering it right now.

      • Clark Landwehr John Robb June 23, 2014 on 9:25 am

        There are 2 mistakes here.
        1. The naturalistic fallacy. Because something exists doesn’t make it right or justify its continuation. Because we have been plundering this planet for 40,000 years does not excuse this behavior.
        2. The fallacy of division. Because a individual is using a computer, it does not follow that they are responsible for the collective behavior that is destroying our planet. A janitor who empties the waste baskets in a bank is not responsible for the destruction caused by the bank’s activities as an organization. We are all born into a world we did not make and are not responsible for our ancestors behavior.

  • Mike DeGiglio June 20, 2014 on 2:59 pm

    I keep thinking about what T. Roosevelt’s concern over corporations becoming too large and “buying” government .
    I doubt that there’s ONE answer to this question of why we aren’t doing as well. One thing that I think that we need is a kick in the ass.

  • james June 20, 2014 on 3:51 pm

    1913 would allow for several things. First, the founding of the Federal Reserve and second is the likely fraudulent ratification of the 16th Amendment to allow federal income taxes. Beyond that, WWI changed forever the role of the Federal government. Before the war most people’s only connection to the National government was the US Mail (unless military personnel) and after WWI President Wilson had begun unprecedented intrusion into the US economy. I am not saying that some of these actions were inappropriate for winning a war but they set a precedent which would serve as a disaster when FDR and the Great Depression arrived. One of the most unquantifiable impacts was the change in attitude of many citizens from fearing an intrusive government to looking at the government as a saviour in hard times. This was part of several key steps which undermined our economic base. I could continue but I believe it would certainly take us far outside the timeframe of this chart and commentary.

  • Cherry June 21, 2014 on 6:10 am

    Does it go back to Hamilton winning the finance debate with Jefferson? And then, with the Federal Reserve, robust private banking, lending to ordinary citizens , backed by real assets, became the domain of a wealthy elite? Eventually finance/ lending was corrupted into a Ponzi- like scheme?
    The crux of this question is what it was that very suddenly changed approximately 25 years after independence and the signing of our constitution.

  • Ringdocus June 26, 2014 on 9:03 am

    Perhaps a huge factor was the realization by voters that they could vote to force others to pay/provide for them.