A Battery in Every Home

Tesla announced a deal with Panasonic this week to build a large scale manufacturing plant in the US that would build batteries for electric cars.

That’s good news for America.

The media is telling us it’s good news because the plant will create six thousand new jobs.

However, that’s actually only a minor part of why this news is so good.

The REAL benefit is going to be found in how Americans will use these batteries to achieve economic independence.

Here’s why.

The batteries that Tesla will produced at this factory will be large enough to power an electric car.

That means they will also be large enough to provide our homes with a large amount of backup power when a) the car is plugged into the home or b) if we have a second battery attached to our home.

That’s a good thing on its own merits, but it doesn’t make us economically independent.  That benefit comes from what we can do with the power stored in the battery.

We can sell it back to the grid during peak power periods, when the price of energy is 50 times what it is at night or during the winter.   Needless to say, this has the potential to generate a significant amount of income for an American household, especially if the power that is being sold is produced by the solar panels on the home.

Imagine, free electricity for life and the ability to generate an annuity stream of income from your home…

With the arrival of these batteries, the only barrier to this happening is political.  That means if enough of us get together, we’ll be able to get the power companies to pay us what our energy is worth.

Let’s make this happen.

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PS:  America needs to get back to the kind of economic leadership we were traditionally known for, before Washington and Wall Street seized control.  This is an example of how.  

PPS:  I’ve got a new booklet out called “The American Way” now on Amazon Kindle.  It’ll only take an hour or so to read.  It’s worth your time.



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  • Mylinda August 8, 2014 on 2:35 pm

    Please keep us advised if you hear the plant is actually being built. I got your booklet. I’m anxious to get home and read it. Next time a link would be nice. ;-)

    • John Robb Mylinda August 11, 2014 on 1:15 pm

      Thanks Mylinda. Will add that next time. JR

  • Vincent August 12, 2014 on 3:44 pm

    In France, you have already a solution developed by Bolloré called Blue Storage. The technology is different (LMP). But it works well in Paris (with their electric cars soon launched in the US in Indianapolis). They are also developing an autonomous house (Bluehouse)

    PS: I read your booklet. Quite inspiring even for a French guy.


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