The BEST grocery store brand in the US right now is Market Basket. Here’s their secret.

What is the BEST grocery store brand in the US right now?

That’s an easy one.  It’s Market Basket.

It’s easy to see why.  Market Basket is how we used to run American businesses.

How so?

We used to build trust with customers by providing value without marketing trickery, we avoided debt like the plague (it was only a last resort option, particularly for growth), and we ensured that employees prospered along with the business (see Henry Ford).

This approach  has provided Market Basket with throngs of loyal customers, a legion of hard working employees, and decades of profitable business growth.

This used to be the way that businesses were run in the US.

Not so anymore.  Most US companies are run as piggy banks for Wall Street shareholders instead of the engines of economic prosperity they once were.

Fortunately, the approach Market Basket used to become so great isn’t that hard to copy.

All it takes is a willingness to seek the win-win-win solution.

You know, the kind of solutions to problems where everyone who helps to generate the success of the business wins?

Market Basket did that with their customers, their shareholders, and their employees.

Everyone won and the business prospered.

Unfortunately, a group of passive Market Basket shareholders didn’t see it that way.  Despite seeing their shares in Market Basket’s increase in value by over a billion in the last couple of decades, they wanted more.

The shareholders that seized control of the situation wanted to financialize the company.   What does that mean?

  • Low wage temps for employees.
  • Marketing gimmicks and higher prices for customers.
  • Massive debt for fast expansion (which makes possible generous dividends for shareholders).

In short, it’s an “I win and everyone else loses” formula.

The “I win and everyone else loses” formula is a BIG reason why the US economy can’t deliver economic prosperity anymore.

Of course, we don’t have to put up with this crap anymore.

Let’s kick this greedy, quant-driven failure of a business approach to the curb, where it belongs.

Let’s tell US companies that we wan’t win-win-win solutions or they don’t get our business anymore.

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  • Linda September 9, 2014 on 1:30 pm

    No room for greed in this country anymore, time to do things RIGHT!

  • Laura September 9, 2014 on 3:38 pm

    This article fails to tell the ending to this story. For those that don’t know, the greedy shareholders fired the beloved CEO and 8 high level managers. Truck drivers and warehouse workers walked off the job. Employees asked customers to boycott and we did. Sales went down to nothing. Vendors supported the employees. Finally the CEO was able to purchase the company back. Customers returned and sales were back through the roof in less than a week. A true American success story.

    • Karen Laura September 9, 2014 on 7:33 pm

      Perfectly said, Laura!!!!!

      • Chrystal Karen September 10, 2014 on 8:11 am

        The interesting thing is go take a look at MB is the lowest wage grocery store in their market for part timers, which make up 80% of their workforce. Maybe, if the employees are lucky, the pay rate matches what they otherwise get from Stop & Shop or Shaw’s. Every other grocery store pays employees more (Hannaford, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, Roche Bros, and Costco). The reason why this erupted is that the managers (technically the top 1% of the company’s workforce) do get treated very well, and they are the ones that benefited from working at MB the most.

        • Judi R Chrystal September 10, 2014 on 8:24 am

          You’re forgetting that MB associates get quarterly bonuses, profit sharing, and benefits that most other employers don’t offer, which makes up the difference and then some. Hannafords hired me at $1 more per hour, but i returned to MB for the family atmosphere, the fact that i love my job and the people i work with, and because I’ve met Artie T, he’s an amazing man and honestly the only CEO i WANT to work for.

        • Jeff Chrystal September 11, 2014 on 9:35 pm

          Yea and most of those managers began as part timers. Its not about where you are but where you can go within the company. They consistently hire from within the company and they treat their own like family.

  • Angel Bertrand September 10, 2014 on 4:10 pm

    I was devastated when I had to leave MB….I worked at two different jobs while I was waiting for the day that I could go back. MB has become like my second family and the majority of the time I looked forward to going into work. I love that fact that I got hugged by my peers everyday, and employees that weren’t even working would never just walk by me without giving me one as well. The minute Eric Funes called and ask me if I would go back….I didn’t hesitate to say “YES.” Of course the costumers come first at the Ashland Market Basket, but as an employee, I have never worked for a more generous ‘man’ as Artie T. So I am more than grateful for my employment. Thank you all that made this victory happen!!!!!

  • Barbara bickford September 11, 2014 on 9:11 am

    I had a very disappointing experience. Wanted to pay by cheque and was refused because I did not have a MB card.

    • Wayne Barbara bickford September 11, 2014 on 9:12 pm

      Could have used a debit card. The MB card is just a way they have to minimize bad checks and thereby keep prices low.


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