Don’t Lease Your Solar Panels!

Lots of Americans are making a big mistake.  They are being given the bum’s rush.

They are selling their roof space to solar energy companies like Solar City and Sun Run.

In exchange, they are locking in their electricity rates at a little less than what they are paying right now for TWENTY years!

Although this seems like a good deal, it’s not.

You can see the reason why in the attached chart.  The reason is found in the price curve on solar panels.  It’s dropping quickly.

The important thing to see is how the price of solar electricity is dropping fast.  In the next decade, it’s going to be well below the price we pay for any other type of energy at the retail level.

By signing a lease that locks you into the price of electricity at a little less than today’s rates, you are going to to miss out on a serious source of income.

So, hold off.  Install them yourself using a slower cost averaging approach (a way to install them that lets you install some panels every year instead of all at once).

In five years, the lease you sign today is going to look like a very bad deal.


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  • christian S. September 9, 2014 on 11:20 am

    Yeah, the MLM scammers are even getting on board. There’s an MLM scheme in California that promises a free Tesla Roadster to anyone that gets 10 people to sign up for their 20 year solar house deal.