The Internet of Everything

Quick backgrounder on where technology is pushing us.  The Internet is expanding into our lives.  It’s arriving in two ways as the hardware costs continue to drop.

  1. Smart Devices.  The addition of IP-enabled chip to every physical object, typically to bequeath them with smarts.  This is usually called the Internet of Things.
  2. Smart Networks.  The addition of IP enabled sensors, servos (motors that do stuff), and controller (either local hardware or remote/virtual) to the environment.  May or may not include smart devices.

Is there another method?  I can’t think of one.

Obviously, this expansion of the Internet promises an order of magnitude (x10) more change than what we’ve seen with the Web.

Why is this interesting to this project?

Firstly, the Internet of Everything is going to enter the world the same way the Web did in the early days (outside of the lab/academic ghetto):  by getting Americans to invest in it, one household at a time.

Secondly, the Internet of Everything is going to play a big part in making it easier to produce the income needed to successfully tackle the American Dream.

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Discussion — 6 Responses

  • Chris November 16, 2013 on 5:18 pm

    The internet of everything will make the world a far more dangerous place, since objects that now must be accessed physically in order to be corrupted or destroyed will be accessible globally by malcontents.

    • John Robb Chris November 19, 2013 on 4:25 pm

      True. Our current social architecture isn’t well adapted to ongoing technological changes. JR

  • Richard J. Medicus November 16, 2013 on 5:44 pm

    With advances being made perhaps the Internet of Individuals.

  • V! November 19, 2013 on 12:30 am

    Just because it has a chip don’t make it smart. An IP enabled rock is still just a rock. Unless you are inventorying local rocks.

    We are already IP enabled everywhere we go. Just try losing your cell phone. Although it’s a far cry from “The Mark Of The Beast”, you are nevertheless seriously impaired without one, economically & socially. No government yet demands one in our possession at all times, they don’t have to. You simply cannot do business without one.

    Both Orwell & Burgess we’re dead on about their (and our’s) futures.

  • James Bowery December 2, 2013 on 1:50 pm Reply
    • John Robb James Bowery December 3, 2013 on 10:10 am

      James, Pretty cool. I suspect he wants to build a drone cloud. JR