NYC Bureaucracy to Americans: Don’t Become Economically Independent

Americans used to value economic independence.   Before WW2, that used to be measured by home ownership when almost forty five percent of us owned our own homes, and if you owned your own home, typically without debt (or if you had debt it was through a five year mortgage), you could save most of the money you earned.   Of course, sixty years later, that’s MUCH harder to do and it will continue to get worse as the number of good bureaucratic jobs/professions continues to shrink.

However, there’s a bright spot.  Fortunately, there are companies that make it easier to become independent by making it possible to turn your home into an asset that pays for itself rather than the financial black hole it is currently is.  

Unfortunately, the entrenched bureaucracy that’s currently in government office in many of our major cities sees things differently.  They see economic independence as a person that makes enough income to pay (constantly) for a home, despite the fact that the costs of housing are horribly inflated and jobs availability/duration is extremely volatile.  Further, they don’t want anything to change, nor do they think that positive change is possible (a very unAmerican outlook, we love the future).  Finally, they don’t let anything happen in their area that they can’t control or anything without vigorish.  

Here’s an example from New York City.  State Senator Liz Krueger (D) has declared war on Airbnb. She wants:  “stronger laws, increased fines for those breaking the laws, and serious enforcement by the city of New York to stop this system from expanding.”  


The Face of Bureaucratic Entitlement

The path to a prosperous future is only found by pushing aside people like this.


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