The Home “Stack”

Every platform has a stack of commonly used features and mechanisms.  A stack simplifies future development.

It’s a pretty wonky approach to use, which is why this site is very much in the alpha stage, so bear with me.   Here’s my thinking on stack for the American Dream home of the future.

  • Home.  Ownership.  Rights to modify.
  • Connectivity.  Physical, both to (land, sun, rain, etc.) and other people (local market for goods and services), and virtual.
  • Physical.  The layout of the home (+ yard) is configured in a way to maximize production (i.e. foodscape)
  • Productive structures.  (i.e. Chicken Coop).
  • Micro-business system.  Virtual system used to market, sell, manage, etc. the a micro-business based on a home’s productive structures.
  • Micro-business financing.  Optimally, a pre-production customer financing is used.  Customers fund the development of the physical structures or the service through an early purchase (think Kickstarter and Indiegogo for everything, including a local egg business).
  • Social networks (enable virtually) that accelerate micro-business formation and improvement.
  • ?  What else?

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Discussion — 10 Responses

  • Javier October 28, 2013 on 11:08 pm

    We need a protocol, not merely a stack

  • Javier October 28, 2013 on 11:13 pm

    I would like to add: extended families, tribes,
    an understanding of what human desires are
    and are not.

  • CD October 29, 2013 on 4:10 pm

    Would it make sense to add some sort of market or revenue data interpretation layer after ‘social networks’, to see if said micro-business is actually panning out?

  • John Robb October 29, 2013 on 5:39 pm

    I’ve expanded this a bit. Javier, this is more of a technical/functional stack. Familial dynamics and social layers are the killer apps in this model.

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