Update (early April)

First off: the book is so close I can taste it.  The ideas are there. The writing is there.  All that’s needed is more work on the flow and we’re done.

If you didn’t know already, I just got back from two weeks in Australia with Marie and two of my daughters.  It was an amazing trip and the conference I spoke at was a much needed reality check on my current work.

Here’s a quick recap of the trip.

The main reason for the trip was to speak at the World War D conference in Melbourne Australia. Dan Denning (the head of Port Phillip Publishing) put on a great show and welcomed me with open arms.  He’s not only a great guy, he’s a big thinker and an talented entrepreneur.

The conference he and his team put on was excellent (I’ve been to many, many…).  It was packed and the delegates were amazing.   Unlike other financial conferences, these delegates were mostly self-made people from outside the financial world.

For example, one of the people I spoke with was a grizzled oil wildcatter who found one of the first shale oil deposits (building a $1.9 billion company over five years).  He provide a fascinating first hand account of how shale oil has transformed the oil biz.  It’s now less speculative and more industrial/technological.   This change has led to more improvement in oil technology over the last five years than in the last forty.

My conference keynote and subsequent panels I was on provided me with a chance to share my new work on the American Way (in addition to an update on my previous work re: super-empowered individuals and disruption).   The ideas not only resonated, they provided the only ray of hope in an otherwise clouded future.

As a result, I’m more convinced than ever that I’m on the right track with my current work.

I also had a chance to speak at meet-ups in both Sydney and Melbourne graciously put on effervescent Kate Carruthers and an intellectually curious Darren Sharp.  These meetups were an amazing opportunity to finally meet F2F some people I’ve only known online.   They were also a test bed for some of my ideas with a tech savvy and largely academically oriented group.  I’m not sure the ideas fully resonated with them, largely due to a failure on my part:  they wanted more meta thinking/discussion than street level walkthrough.

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Discussion — 5 Responses

  • Michael J. Lotus April 8, 2014 on 10:01 am

    Looking forward to the day I can pre-order the book on Amazon.

    • John Robb Michael J. Lotus April 8, 2014 on 12:00 pm

      Me too.

  • AC April 9, 2014 on 8:11 pm

    What is amazing to me is that quite a few of the ideas in “The Soverign Individual” by Davidson and Rees-Mogg are on their way to reality. I may have to re-read that book. I am also looking forward to your book. Your last one was not too shabby either. :-)

  • Marcus Wynne April 10, 2014 on 9:54 pm

    “they wanted more meta thinking/discussion than street level walkthrough.”


    The time’s past for meta-thinking. They best get on board with the street-level walkthrough before the street walks through on them.

    Jus’ saying…

    Nice work, John. Talk soon.

    cheers, m The Resilient Nomad

  • Ryan May 1, 2014 on 12:51 pm


    Any chance of getting a listen to your speech on Soundcloud, or some other medium?